2 Benefits of Having Sewer Cleaning Done Before Winter Hits

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Winter is nearly upon us. There are many steps that you should take to help prepare your home for cold temperatures and inclement weather. One of the most overlooked steps is having sewer cleaning done. It is typically recommended the sewer cleaning be done every two to three years, or as needed if the water is not draining quickly from your sinks, shower, bathtubs, or other water appliances. Here are two major reasons why you should consider having sewer cleaning done before winter hits. 

Helps to Prevent Water from Freezing in Your Sewer Line

You should hire sewer cleaning services before winter hits to prevent water from freezing in your sewer line. Sewer cleaning helps to remove clogs from your pipes, as well as soap and grease that can narrow the opening of the pipe. Both clogs and narrower openings can decrease the ability of water to flow through your sewer lines. When it is freezing outside, slower-moving water is more likely to freeze, which can cause your sewer line to crack. Cleaning your sewer line will ultimately allow the water to flow, which helps to prevent water from freezing within the line in the first place. 

Reduces the Chances of Plumbing Problems During the Holidays

You should consider having sewer cleaning done before winter hits because sewer cleaning reduces the chances of you experiencing plumbing problems, such as clogged toilets or a backed-up sink during the holidays. During the holidays, you likely cook more and may have more guests over. This can put a strain on your sewer line. Ensure that the sewer line is free of minor clogs and is flowing so your sewer line can handle this increase and prevent future plumbing problems. 

Having your sewer line cleaned routinely can help to reduce back-ups and clogs from occurring and can help to extend the life of your sewer line. It is recommended that you have yours cleaned at least once every two to three years. If it has been three years or longer since yours was last cleaned, or your drains are starting to drain water away slowly, now is the perfect time to have your sewer line cleaned. Having it done before the holidays can help to prevent water from freezing in your sewer line and reduce the chances of you encountering plumbing problems during the holiday season. Contact your preferred sewer cleaning company today to schedule an appointment.